Monday, 30 October 2017

Halloween & All Saints Day Celebration

Jack O Lanterns !

Scaaaaaary House

May the Force be with you . . . 

Sister Mice

Trick or Treating with the older children

St Martin du Porres costume

Chicken Charlie

There's something on your face......

Mom !!!

Join me, my Son.......

Not impressed with her wig, the future actress worked on her pout......

Where's Waldo for Dads

Future politicians

Supergirls !!!!

Snooooooopy !!!

Snoooooooooops !

Camera magic 

Waiting is SO hard......

Our Favorite, the Cat in the hat !!!!!

Last week of school !!!

IMPORTANT REMINDER !!!!! Parents there will be a Graduation show rehearsal next Monday from 2:45-3:30. Please attend if you can, so we can ...