Friday, 12 January 2018

Winter in HERE !!

The coldest week of the year saw the children of K2 amuse themselves in different ways, from vigorous outdoor exercise to extra reading time. I told them it was like a summer day in Canada lol !

Leaf pile jump !!!!

Children's mosh pit

Although the finer points of the game still elude them, the children stand their ground 

So cold that Minato warms his hands with feet-mittens !

There are so many hugs in K2 that I forget why this occurred.

Never too sick to play !

Desk cleaning before the parents come !!

Learning about the deep blue sea

Mr Hilden !!!!

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Earthquake drill !!!!!!!!

"But Mr Taylor, we want to go outside to plaaaaaayyyyyyy"

Champion spellers

Santa pays a visit

The battle for Hoth 

Happy birthday hug, Mr Howes !

A glimpse of the World

Sweater friends

Last week of school !!!

IMPORTANT REMINDER !!!!! Parents there will be a Graduation show rehearsal next Monday from 2:45-3:30. Please attend if you can, so we can ...